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Round Sapphire + Diamond Evil Eye CharmRound Sapphire + Diamond Evil Eye Charm
Mini Eye CharmMini Eye Charm
Mini Eye Charm Sale price$165.00
Zodiac CharmZodiac Charm
Zodiac Charm Sale price$1,200.00
Mini Enamel Letter Heart Charm
Black Shooting Star Charm
Black Shooting Star Charm Sale price$410.00
Evil Eye CharmEvil Eye Charm
Evil Eye Charm Sale price$1,200.00
Rainbow Black Opal Mushroom CharmRainbow Black Opal Mushroom Charm
Gemstone CrossGemstone Cross
Gemstone Cross Sale price$575.00
Mini Stone MushroomMini Stone Mushroom
Mini Stone Mushroom Sale price$275.00
Mini Hamsa Hand Charm
Mini Hamsa Hand Charm Sale price$190.00
Diamond Cross CharmDiamond Cross Charm
Diamond Cross Charm Sale price$1,050.00
Lowercase Goth CharmLowercase Goth Charm
Lowercase Goth Charm Sale price$325.00
Pearls + Diamond Cross PendantPearls + Diamond Cross Pendant
Glass Locket Charm (Large)Glass Locket Charm (Large)
Glass Locket Charm (Large) Sale priceFrom $930.00
Glass Locket Charm (Small)Glass Locket Charm (Small)
Glass Locket Charm (Small) Sale priceFrom $680.00
Butterfly Charm
Butterfly Charm Sale price$470.00
Stone Heart Charm
Stone Heart Charm Sale price$570.00
Dagger Charm
Dagger Charm Sale price$730.00
Lightning Bolt Charm
Lightning Bolt Charm Sale price$370.00
Baguette Leaf Charm
Baguette Leaf Charm Sale price$1,100.00
Palm CharmPalm Charm
Palm Charm Sale price$280.00
Script Mama CharmScript Mama Charm
Script Mama Charm Sale price$420.00
Edgy Mama PendantEdgy Mama Pendant
Edgy Mama Pendant Sale price$415.00
Cowry Shell Charm
Cowry Shell Charm Sale price$790.00
Smiley Charm
Smiley Charm Sale price$640.00
Stone Star CharmStone Star Charm
Stone Star Charm Sale price$565.00
Eye Splat CharmEye Splat Charm
Eye Splat Charm Sale price$1,150.00
Yin Yang CharmYin Yang Charm
Yin Yang Charm Sale price$1,130.00
Malachite Mushroom CharmMalachite Mushroom Charm
Malachite Mushroom Charm Sale price$800.00
Frenchie CharmFrenchie Charm
Frenchie Charm Sale price$1,400.00
Diamond Letter CharmDiamond Letter Charm
Diamond Letter Charm Sale price$1,050.00
Heart Shape Evil Eye CharmHeart Shape Evil Eye Charm
Heart Shape Evil Eye Charm Sale price$800.00
Mini Diamond Bezel Charm
Mini Diamond Bezel Charm Sale price$400.00
Mini Gemstone Bezel CharmMini Gemstone Bezel Charm
Mini Gemstone Bezel Charm Sale price$180.00
Mother Of Pearl Evil Eye Coin
Smiley Charm
Smiley Charm Sale price$220.00
Heart with Starburst Charm
Heart with Starburst Charm Sale price$200.00
BIG SIS + LIL SIS CHARMS Sale priceFrom $125.00 Regular price$175.00